What are our fees for Eminent Domain Representation?

How Are Eminent Domain Lawyers Compensated?

If you believe that you are not being offered fair value for your property, we would urge you to call us to learn how we can help.  The process for achieving full consideration and the proof required to be shown are complex, and your interests will be well-served by retaining an experienced Washington eminent domain lawyer.

We work on contingency fee basis.  We are only entitled to a fee if we are able to get you more for your property than what was originally offered by the government prior to our involvement.

For example, if the government offered you $300,000 for your property, and with our help you received $350,000, our compensation would be based on a percentage of the extra $50,000 compensation  obtained.  You would not owe us any fee with respect to the first $300,000, since that is what you were already being offered prior to our representation.

The exact percentage due will depend upon whether an acceptable settlement can be negotiated, or whether a trial is required.

Additionally, there are statutes that require the government to pay legal fees in eminent domain cases if certain conditions are met.  We will discuss the fees in our retention letter with you.

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