How We Help Property Owners in Eminent Domain Cases

If you’re not being offered fair compensation for your property, we can help. 

When governmental entities such as the State of Washington acquire property through eminent domain, they will have a natural interest in paying as little as possible.  Even if the amount offered is below fair market value, the government knows from experience that most property owners won’t object, usually because they don’t know what to do or they think that retaining a lawyer will be expensive.  You should know that we accept cases on contingency fee basis, meaning that we are only compensated for a percentage of the amount recovered above what the government has offered you.*

The government also can make the process difficult for the average person to understand, between requiring very specific types of filings, imposing short timeframes for contesting their offer, and not making clear exactly how to prove a case for higher valuation.  The government knows that the more difficult and intimidating the process is, the fewer people will challenge their valuation.

Preparing Filings

We prepare and make all required filings that are necessary to challenge the government’s assertion of fair value.  It is important that we be contacted as soon as possible, so that these filings can be made within the appropriate deadlines.

Proving Property Value

Our firm is currently representing clients in hundreds of eminent domain cases throughout Washington state.  We are experienced in how to make the best case on behalf of our clients in order to seek an award or settlement for the full value of their property.  We rely on real estate valuation experts that know the specific market where our clients’ property is located, and we work with them to build a strong case for our clients.  It’s important to understand that courts will not determine fair market value based upon what a property owner may “feel” or “believe” their property is worth – the value must be proven.

Representing Clients at Trial

We are well-prepared to go to trial if an acceptable settlement cannot be reached.  Firm founder James Dore is an experienced trial lawyer with more than 25 years of legal practice.

We Take on the Burden of Making Your Case

From preparing filings to retaining key experts to negotiating valuation to litigating your case at trial, we handle all aspects of your case.

Put Us to Work for You

We offer a free consultation so that you can learn more about how we can help your matter.  In eminent domain cases, it’s critical to seek legal advice promptly, as there will only be a short time period during which decisions must be made.

* For more information on fees, please see this page.

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