On November 8, 2016, voters approved a significant expansion of the Sound Transit project (this project is commonly referred to as ST3).  Under this expansion, 62 additional miles of light rail lines will be added, completing a 116-mile regional system.  This addition will make the Sound Transit more than five times as long as it currently is.

The expansion is not limited solely to light rail.  Additionally, significant new Bus Rapid Transit stations and routes will additionally be added, which will help increase the system well beyond the light rail portions.  With the BRT, commuters will be able to travel to light rail stations to board trains, and from the trains to their destinations.

What Does ST3 Mean to Property Owners?

Countless residential and business property owners will have their property taken by the government under its eminent domain powers.  The government is required to pay property owners “fair value” for their property; however, fair value determinations can be highly subjective.  It is only natural to assume that since the state will be buying property from landowners, they will have a vested interest in paying as little as possible, which will likely lead to large-scale low property value determinations.

What Can You Do if Your Property is to be Taken?

After you’ve received a notice of the proposed purchase price for your property, call us. We offer a free consultation, and we only receive a fee based upon the amount that you ultimately are paid above the state’s initial offer.

We represent hundreds of property owners, and are adept at presenting the cases of our clients in seeking to prove what they believe to be the true value of their property.

Call Us to Protect Your Rights to Full Compensation

In eminent domain and property taking matters, there are only short time frames in which appeals may be made to protect rights. The process can be complex to prove full value.  We can help.

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