The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is continuously in the process of maintaining and expanding roadways throughout the State of Washington.  While road maintenance usually does not require private property to be taken, roadway widening and expansion frequently require additional land acquisition.

When private property is required for projects, affected landowners are provided with notice that their property is subject to being taken under the state’s rights to acquire property under eminent domain.  So long as the taking is for a “public purpose” (which will almost always be the case for road projects), the only recourse for property owners is to be paid “fair value” for their land.

WSDOT will have a strong incentive to devalue land in order to pay as little as possible. We fight on behalf of homeowners and demand full value.  We challenge valuation using our experts, and will take a case to trial if necessary to get proper compensation.

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We only receive a fee if we are able to get property owners more than what WSDOT offers, and the amount of our fee is only based upon such additional compensation received (we do not receive a fee based on the amount that WSDOT originally offers).

If your property is subject to being acquired by WSDOT or any other governmental agency, you will have only a short time to act to preserve your rights.  Call us to schedule a free consultation, and to find out how we can help.

Current WSDOT Projects that May Involve Eminent Domain

Check back here to find a list of current WSDOT projects that may involve eminent domain.

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