As part of the Sound Transit expansion, and as part of continuing roadway construction by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the state of Washington and its agencies are involved in significant property acquisition.  Such land acquisitions, however, are not only due to these two agencies.

Cities and other municipalities in Washington may additionally acquire private property through eminent domain for a wide variety of public projects, including parks, stadiums, and government buildings.

If your property is subject to being taken by the government, please call us to learn how we can help in seeking full value for your property.  We retain land and property experts and other professionals to help prove your case, and negotiate for the compensation that you deserve.  If fair compensation still is not offered, we will go to court to make your case.

We are only paid if we are able to get you more money than the government originally offered, and our fee is based only on a percentage of such additional amount.

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